About The Earthwalker

Hello, I’m Ralph and I am the Earthwalker.

By no means my story is extraordinary. I am just like anyone else, living in a concrete jungle, young (I guess) professional, an Industrial Engineer who is currently struggling to finish his master’s degree. I am a backpacker whose only aim is to have a sweet escape out of his boring life, I’m a weekend warrior working an eight hours’ corporate job on weekdays who dream of an adventure daily. I am not rich so I have to work by butt off in order for me to fund my wanderlust.

#LifeGoals and #TravelGoals

My goal today is to see life beyond borders. Explore the natural beauty of my country, The Philippines. By next week Asia, and who knows maybe after some years, the world. So thus to ensure that I will keep myself motivated to explore, I will be making a list of places I want to visit. This list may change from time to time, and only life mighty clock would say its final.

What makes my blog different?

And what separate this site to any travel blogs? Nothing really. This blog does not aim to be different or to be on top. I would leave that thing to those you would consider professional traveler as I am not in any way expert in travelling.

I am creating this blog with a sole purpose of documenting my travels. I consider this place personal, as a passion project.  I hope that when I grow old and when my body is no longer able to keep up with the energy required to travel, I could walk down memory lane and relive my adventures.

I am not using any professional equipment (saving for it), through my phone camera what I will post in here are my personal adventures and misadventures.  Here you’ll find my close encounter with people who came from different walks of life, experiences that have though me valuable lessons, and above all nature that  catches my breath in a heartbeat.



For general questions and inquiry, you may send me an email at itstheearthwalker@gmail.com.

You may also follow me at my social media accounts:

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