The Solo Traveler Categories

There’s nothing like solitary exploring things and having fun in a place you are unfamiliar with. It’s both psychologically invigorating and morally motivating.

We are all infatuated with the idea of new discoveries and exciting experiences. We aspire chartering new roads, and remained curious of the unfamiliar, however I would say; whilst I enjoy the experience of travelling alone, I definitely don’t recommend it for everyone.

So if you have been quite dubious whether you got what it takes to break from your chains and enjoy social independence for once, let me guide you who are those people that commonly travels alone. Who knows you might find yourself fit in one of the category below.

The Influencers

Let’s face it, the Internet is lording us all, travelers none excused. A new breed of travelers recently surfaced and they are what we commonly call the online Influencers. They are considered the new type of celebrities amassing tons of followers in different social media flat forms. They can be either be vloggers/bloggers, grammers, etc. They tour around places creating specific content for their respective followers.

Characteristics and How to Spot them:

Commonly hip, young, teens to early 30’s, and most of them rock a high sense of fashion, they are the obvious gods of #Blessed, the master of #OOTD, the advisor of #YOLO, the inventor of #Buckelist, and the absolute #Goals

The Independent

Call them whatever names you want; either single-dweller, NBSB or NGSB, the lone wolf, the campaign organizers of anti-happiness, because most of the time they don’t really care whatever you will call them. The independent are the type of solo travelers who chases every opportunities and experiences as if it was meant only for them. They find a sense fulfillment in trusting their selves fully knowing they’ll survive all moments in solitaire. They don’t worry about missing things because they create their own.  They are commonly social and the one that usually starts the conversation (don’t mistaken them as journalist please), they spontaneous and thrill seekers, and jovial and adrenaline addicts.

Characteristics and How to Spot them:

You won’t notice them, they’re good in fading in the background. They founded the organization #SorryNotSorry and #Don’tCare

The Weekend Warrior

Majority of the solo travelers usually qualify as weekend warriors. They are those people who holds regular weekday jobs and are dying to take an escape on weekends either from their boss or from the jobs itself. Just kidding! They usually do hard works during regular days and searches break in partaking in awesome activities and experiencing epic adventures on weekend so they’ll come to work the following day with high morale and spirits.

Characteristics and How to Spot them:

They’re hard to miss because they’re everywhere. They usually come to resort for two days with no bags but with pouches. These days are commonly pack with activities, and they follow strict schedules. They founded the organization #QuickEscape, #IManageToStayLightWithAPouchForTwoDays

The Heart Broken

Indeed, travelling is not just for those that are emotionally stable. People who are shattered deep inside can solo travel too. Travelling allows them to reconnect with their inner selves and understand their vulnerability better. Some of them seek freedom from any stressors, a space to breathe in, or just a plain escape. For any heart broken, travelling solo is more of a process for them of finding answers on questions they tried avoid, or to gain enough courage to face the reality they’re in. While brave few, just wanted to re-experience how it feels to be not in a commitment again so they’ll realize it’s not that bad after all.

Characteristics and How to Spot them:

Ask them what is the name of the place they are currently visiting. Statistic states that 8 out of 10 solo heartbroken travelers don’t know what they’re doing so there’s a greater chance they don’t know where are they. They usually wear shades and have an exclusive membership in #ICantTakeThisAnymore, #IAmFree #NotMyLost and #IAmReallyHappy. In case you’ll encounter any, please be nice to them. And oh by the way I just made the statistics prior please don’t quote me for it.

The Spell Caster

This highly dangerous individuals frequent bars, or any establishments with high condense population. They go to events with their notorious good looks. They cast spells that will make you bait the hook. They are extremely adventurous and easy to get along with. They either rule the dancefloor or rock the stage with their badass karaoke skills.

Characteristics and How to Spot them:

Nah! You’ll spot them in a heartbeat. They are guilty of #CatchingTheFish

The Hopeful

They are the poets in commute, the cupid walking among us, mere mortals. They are the author of the infamous line: “In my journey of finding myself, I found you”. The hopefuls are either one of the previous mentioned type of solo travelers were genes have mutated over time. They have found optimism when chances are bleak. They travel with diamond rings in their purse in case of emergency.

Characteristics and How to Spot them:

They’ll smile at you, will be nice with you. Will treat you well, will cook dinner for you. Sweep the floor for you, wash the dishes with no complain. They’re great catch so be on a look out for one. They own the company #ForeverIsReal and have a shares in #IBeleiveInHappyEverAfter


So now that you have read the type of solo traveler above; do you find a yourself fit in any of those? Are you still not convinced whether you should start your own solo travel albeit feeling you belong to few categories above? Or shall we say, you are not sure yet which category you’ll fall? How about start travelling now who knows you’ll realize it later.

Disclaimer: This article is created mainly for sake of having fun and in no way intended to poke fun in any individual.

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