Top Five Reasons Why You Should Travel

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

We all have our different reasons why we travel. An adventurous kid seeks nothing but fun and exploration. A weekend warrior aims for retreat to relax their weary soul. While others deep down there broken hoping to heal their aching heart. Or you may be that someone wishing to meet that perfect match on a road trip. But no matter what your reason is, there is no perfect reason to travel. Every reason is enough justification.

I recommend everyone to seek life beyond the four corners of your comfort zone. Get out of your hometown and explore a place you are not familiar with, you’ll be surprise to discover new and amazing things waiting for you to unravel.

Here are the top reasons how travelling changed me:

1. See the world in a different perspective

I live in a highly urbanized area. Skyscrapers, cars, noise and people are the common view. Everything moves in a consistent pace, and you should move along with it for you not to be left behind. Spreadsheets, internet, bills, social media are staples of my daily life. You always worry about how the world will foresee you. But travelling changes it entirely.

When you travel, you’ll develop this sensibility to see beyond the surface. You’ll realize what you are missing out on life since your face is glued in computer screens.

Nature have better versions of skyscrapers; mountains stand there ready to remind you they are the original giants. Beaches, are far cry from your beloved swimming pools. Go to the juggle and you’ll see monkeys even more social than people. Need a ride? How about a willing horse for an adventure? And when you though beauty can only be found in the surface, think again. Have you heard about the other world you can snorkel or dive?

2. More travels, less judgement

Whether you travel in group or you are braving the road solo, it doesn’t matter. One way or another you’ll need to interact with locals. That judgmental mind of yours will be put into shame when friendly locals will assist you to your destination. You’ll forget about the don’t-trust-the-stranger mentality when you realize people are always willing, kindhearted, deserving to be trusted who only wanted nothing but for you to enjoy what their area can offer.

I’ve been to places and met locals whom I develop friendship with. Though we barely meet, but when I am around at their area I am assured of a rock star accommodation whilst they expect nothing in return but good laughs and time shared. They help me embrace differences, experiences and relationship.

So the next time you travel, be positive that when you get home another person will be sending you a friend request in social network.

3. It’s not just about me, it’s about everyone

As someone who lives in a concrete juggle his whole life, we always strive to stand out from the sea of crowd. We work our butt out to earn that degree and skills just to be recognized. It has always been about us. But when you travel, you’ll diminish into the background and that is not a bad thing.

Being a spectator witnessing the lifestyle and culture that varies from yours is always a wonderful experience, somewhat life changing. You’ll learn new languages that will help you become a better speaker. You’ll see festival and celebrations you’ve only heard off, and what a better way of acknowledging it than seeing it through your eyes.

The world hold concerts of events and its waiting for you to be their audience.

4. Overcome challenges

Doing exact process and living same activities daily can get pretty mundane in the long run. It will bore the hell out of you. You are not meant to act like a programmed individual, break free of your coded self.

Travelling empowers you to get out of the box and do stuff you’ll be surprised you are capable off. I have always been afraid of what’s under the water, needless to say I have rejected invitations that has something to do with it. But travelling help me conquer this fear, one snorkel after the other made me realize the fun and wonder I have missed. Now, I can barely recall that same anxiety that hunted me for quite some time.

How cool is that? You’ll to overcome challenges in an exciting fashion.

5. Travelling is life

I remember there was a time that I felt so drained inside. I cannot focus on anything, and everything that I do is just an energy wasted. My world is moving in a centrifugal manner, away from what I value in life. I was dead at the moment, a progressing body without soul. I turn out unproductive and became obsessed with an unhealthy lifestyle. So I made a decision to break away from current state.

I traveled not so I can find new things but to recovered what I lost. I often travel alone, it was a beautiful, painful and moving journey I embarked and it was what exactly what I need. At the end of my trip, I gained my senses back. I returned home with a fresher outlook in life. The space that was unknown saved me. It gave me life.

That being said, I really believe that “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”


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